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The Heart Sonatas in the Italian 18th Century

(Sifare/Digi Beat Publishing, 2018)

Between the second half of the 18th Century and the beginning of the 19th Century, many revolutions occurred in history and in the field of music language, bringing to the passage between Baroque and Classicism. In Italy, several composers and harpsichordists of European fame, writing operas and instrumental music – in particular for harpsichord – contributed to the new style of music. Through their Harpsichord Sonatas, many Venetian Authors (Galuppi, Pescetti, Paradisi, Platti) and Neapolitan ones (like Fenaroli and Cimarosa) outlined a new aesthetic taste looking for beauty in the simplicity of melodic lines and in the naturalness of music speech, preparing the coming of the galant style. The strictness and rigour of the counterpoint are dismissed, with the aim of giving preference to softness and elegance, pleasant and immediate expressivity, arioso imitations and brilliance, also using an accurate ornamentation (with trills, appoggiaturas and so on). The Italian style influenced Haydn and Mozart’s music, passing many of its elements to the classic style. 

Chiara Tiboni

According to Fausto Torrefranca, the first Italian musicologist, only music can “express” – 

and the Italian Sonata of the 18th Century is music born of the heart, 

through which the composer conveys his emotional and spiritual living.

Caterina Barontini carries out an intense concert activity as a soloist, in piano duo with her father Ilio Barontini and in various ensembles. Recently, for Sifare Publishing, she has revised and recorded Andrea Balzani’s 30 Studies; in duo with her father, she has recorded Back To Beat for two pianos; Little Suite & Gershwiniana, Bartókiana and Five Nursery Rhymes for piano four hands. She has elaborated at the computer all these works written by her father. Since 2015 she regularly gives masterclasses and courses in Piano and Piano Duet for important Institutions and Musical Associations.