Ilio Barontini, Back To Beatles

(Sifare/Digi Beat Publishing, 2018)

In Back To Beatles the piano sings The Beatles and their most beautiful tunes, chosen by Ilio Barontini to invent a new piano language through several composition styles. Inspired by John Lennon's leading words "Listen to the colours of your dreams" (Tomorrow Never Knows), the Author combines memories and quotations with original recurrent themes, giving a formal unity to the work. Sometimes these themes link magically to the rare and sweet atmosphere of many Beatles songs, immersing them in a dream dimension; other times they amplify the overwhelming energy of the most explosive songs, projecting them into the real world through frantic and whirlwind rhythms. Sound recreations of instruments like the bagpipe, the sitar, the set of drums and the Abbey Road Studios electronic effects take the listener on a trip down memory lane, thanks to a chameleon piano which leaves the museum of History and interprets the magic of the present in the name of an overflowing creativity.

Imagine, in Ilio Barontini's piano version, confirms itself as a classic of all time, but more so dismisses his song status, suspending John's dream in the skies of Art.

Ilio Barontini started his didactic activity in 1972. As a soloist and chamber musician in Italy and abroad, he plays in piano duo with his daughter Caterina. Recently he has composed and recorded for Sifare Publishing: concert paraphrases for solo piano (Back To Beatles) and for two pianos (Back To Beat, in two parts); pieces for piano four hands (Gershwiniana and Little Suite); educational collections for piano duo (Bartókiana and Five Nursery Rhymes).