Ilio Barontini, Back To Beat

Part One    (Sifare, Roma 2017)

Ilio and Caterina Barontini’s two pianos intercept the vitality and the rhythmic energy of the beat of the Sixties British invasion, when a whole generation found their global nature and themselves animated by the same dreams, looking at the bright side of the future. The beginning and the ending of Back to Beat Part One evoke the folk song that was sung by masses of fans on their way to the Beatles concerts, which can be considered the heart of beat music. As Paul McCartney says in Anthology, they used to write songs with two or three chords with some variations. In both Part One and Two, Ilio Barontini's creative imagery titles the original pieces which flow into one another in parallel with the Beatles melodies. His sound inventions enrich the memories of the Fab Four songs of a deep musical value and create atmospheres which are sometimes Bachian, other times classical, romantic or even jazzy.


Ilio Barontini, Back To Beat

Part Two    (Sifare, Roma 2017)

The technical and expressive mastery of the Barontini piano duo, together with the continuous and pressing breath of their rhythmic charge, expresses the joy of making music and shares it with the listener.

Back to Beat Part Two begins with The hymn of the heroes, a theme which reappears in the composition in the form of a memory, a celebration or a dream fantasy and shows the desire of sharing the dreams of love and universal peace of ideal figures.

The two pianos dialogue with an extraordinary density and expressive unity and a great variety of effects. Very particular in this Part is the rendering of the sonority of the bagpipe, the sitar, the set of drums and the electronic instruments, through several composition styles and pianistic solutions. So music talks about itself through the whole spectrum of human emotions and reinvents its future.