Andrea Balzani, 30 Studies

revised & interpreted by

Caterina Barontini

(Sifare/Digi Beat Publishing, 2017)

Andrea Balzani’s Studies are thirty short but interesting compositions, for piano, in modern style. They induce the listener to stop, breathe and meditate, accompanied by the modulation of one’s own thoughts. These are driven by the depth and acoustic vibrations of the pieces, which follow or modify one another.

The root of the work is found in a perceptual dimension of reality, which renders time imperceptible and space without boundaries. I believe this music lives in a spatial-temporary dimension which can be defined as “other”. This dimension has, at the nucleus, either the Universe, with its perennial and unending, cyclical mutations, or the human microcosm, with its equally mysterious equilibriums. [...]

This work is dedicated to Caterina Barontini, who is able to build an original musical path, through her soft and sensitive piano style. Her research finds roots on the ever renewing harmony between man and nature. This time, as well, Barontini is able to elicit great emotions.In this composition, in fact, we hear the echo of an acculturate taste for a research that gathers input from others’ music and experience. These music and experience, appear distant from a musician’s own life but only on the surface. It is not by chance, that the brilliant and young pianist matches her intense carrier, as a concert artist, with her passionate duty with high-learning teaching and the prestigious assignment as General Secretary of SIEDAS (Italian Society of Experts in Show and Arts Law), which I am proud to preside. In the end, it has been exactly the SIEDAS’ social activities that have helped in the meeting of two brilliant minds and souls, in the musical and even more, cultural, panorama of our times. Indeed, our dear Andrea Balzani, member of the SIEDAS, derives his sparkling curiosity from that reality that has always marked the great composers of all times. Our wish is that works of this magnitude may spread, more and more, as there is no possibility, in comprehending our world, without understanding the music that this world evokes. Best listening to all!

Fabio Dell’Aversana – President of SIEDAS, Italian Society of Experts in Show and Arts Law